Sunday, June 10, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Days 8 and 9

Journal Prompt #8:  On this day in 1867, Frank Lloyd Wright was born. Wright was a well-respected architect. He designed a number of famous homes. If you were able to design the house of your dreams, what would it look like?
Journal Prompt #9:  If you could scream something at the top of your lungs right now, what would it be?

Phew.  I think I'm all caught up.  I decided because of the time difference and ocean that separates us, I'm just going to be a day behind everyone else on purpose.  So now I can start doing other things besides obsessing over this challenge. :)  (Which I've really loved doing.)

And don't forget to check out the blog that started and now fuels this inspiration for me at:


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I love seeing these journal entries. You are so talented!