Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thirty Day Challenge - Days 10 and 11

I've been keeping up, but posting is sort of time consuming, and yesterday was a long day, so I just decided to save yesterday's for today to post. 
So here they are....

Journal Prompt #10:  Another List ( I looooove lists).  Today we will make a list of all of the projects we would like to accomplish this summer.  With the weather nice, and the extra sunshine, it seems like such  perfect time to start checking those things off of our lists right?

(since there is not as much "nice weather" in my life as there used to be, nor an official summer vacation, this list was a little harder to make for me.)

Journal Prompt #11:  How do you love?  Through dating, and marriage, I had always heard talk about the five love languages.  I never thought much about it because I was pretty sure I knew exactly how I loved :)  Once, I read the book, it made so much sense to me!!!  What is your love language, how do you love?
I think I feel loved and give love in two different ways, which seems weird when you think about it...so here are mine. :)