Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If I remember nothing else...

...then I want to remember these things about this time.
  • Liam has started counting on his fingers when he is trying to tell me that he wants more than one of something.  i.e. "I want 1..2..3..4...5."
  • Dustin asked Miles if he knew what his middle name was, and he responded, "YoSeb, GET BACK HERE!" 
  • Whenever Liam wants to say that he wants "two" of something, he holds up his two index fingers and puts them right next to each other in front of his nose.
  • Miles LOVES movies, and will re-enact scenes from movies every chance he gets.  He has this amazing memory for scenes that we as adults have to work extra hard to recall.  
  • There is a little tiny bike that the boys ride, and one day I hung a small bucket from the back of the seat.  Miles instantly gasped and said "I'm just like Wojtech!"  (Wojtech is a staff member who mows the lawn sometimes.)  Now much of our day is spent "mowing" the living room while performing various acts of maintenance on the "lawnmower", and "locking" it up when we are not used it so the "kids" can't play with it.   On Friday he would only answer to "Wojtech" and kept telling me he couldn't hear me because the mower was too loud when he was on it. Then on Monday he was pretending to be another guy on site - Matt, so he insisted on riding his bike with a backpack on and answer his play cell phone "Hey Dude".
  • Liam wants to "cuddle a wittle bit" every time he gets out of the bathtub.
  • Liam's favorite book right now is "Where's Wally" - the UK version of Where's Waldo.  He could look at it for hours, and often falls asleep doing so.


neitinomad said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

wittle = wee & little? :)

I'm sure K. would love to know that the books were a success! I loved it as a kid too. And actually ran into a travel edition (has all the books in minisize as one thick book!) in Urban Outfitters in Belfast. I would get car sick reading that though.