Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten Truths on Tuesday

  1. I know that Sunday was the most glorious day I've had in a long time.  And for no particular reason other than everything about it was beautiful.
  2. I know that Blood Diamond is a terrifying movie and I promise to stop watching made-from-reality movies where little boys are drugged, forced to hold a gun larger than they are, and brainwashed into forgetting their parents.
  3. I know that Liam has had "sleepy parent radar" since birth and will only cry at night as my head hits the pillow and I am just thinking about how wonderful sleep sounds.
  4. I know that around 2 pm my motivation hits a brick wall, and then gets run over a million times by a ginormous dump truck before it is thrown into a dumpster until 8-10 hours of sleep later.
  5. I know that I haven't seen any of the movies that won Oscars Sunday night.
  6. I know that when Miles and Liam wake up and crawl into my lap my heart breaks into a million little pieces wondering how long this will last.
  7. I know that fountain Coke tastes just as good here as it does at home (some of you will be very happy to know).
  8. I know that I have to design a mural about forgiveness and every day I think more about it, this seems more and more impossible to illustrate onto a giant wall that is appropriate and uplifting enough to be in a primary school.
  9. I know that I talked to two friends on Skype Sunday night and it made me question why the heck I haven't been doing that all along.
  10. I know that I have an exciting new idea for a photo project that I MUST begin, but because of Truth # 4, I'm having a little trouble getting it off the ground.  It will be amazing people.  And profound.  And it's sure to make me famous....  If I can only get over that darn 2:00 hump.
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