Monday, February 20, 2012

Taking This With You.

Tonight we got an invitation to enjoy a traditional Swedish dinner hosted by a group from Sweden.  We ate raw fish on special crackers, and learned traditional Swedish dances.  And as I watched my oldest son being twirled around the dance floor by my husband I had a sad thought....will they remember THIS?
Will they remember dancing with Swedes to traditional music and laughing with so much delight that they can't catch their breath?  Will they remember two months ago trying the traditional German soup that they loved so much made by one of the German volunteers?  Will they remember traveling to castles in Scotland, or our trip this summer to The Netherlands?
Will their life be enriched by these experiences?
Will they realize the value in them?
Will they remember the sheer happiness they felt as they shoved Swedish chocolates in their mouths while  beautiful Swedish girls ogled after them?
Miles and Liam, just in case you don't remember, believe loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT.