Friday, February 3, 2012

Survival of the Fittest

Last night I had my bed to myself.  I used every pillow in our house to cocoon myself into a nest of heaven and then stretched myself out diagonally in our double bed.  Just before falling asleep I stretched each toe individually and reminded myself how heavenly the night ahead of me was going to be.  And it was.
Fast forward to 3 a.m.
My slumber is interrupted by the sound of tiny feet pitter pattering down the hall and to my room.  A sound I haven't heard for months.  A sound I deep-down miss.  My oldest child gently taps my face and whispers "I sleep with you mommy."  Okay sweet child.  Plenty of room.
2 minutes later....more pitter pattering.  Followed by a giant teddy bear being tossed gently on my face from the other direction.  "Mommy I sleep too." says my youngest.  Okay sweet baby.  Plenty of room.
Three slumbering bodies intertwined together.  A mother with her two dear children, all peacefully blissful in their dreamless sleep.
Try again.
This time picture this mother wedged between two seemingly giant children.  Feet kneading in my back constantly, being kicked in the gut.  I sleep with my arms over my head because it is the only place I can think to put them.  Finally I've had enough, so I start shoving bodies away from me and close to the edge of the bed.  Everyone sleeps through the ordeal, except for me.  I wonder why I'm not enjoying this more.  It could be Liam's fist in my mouth, or Miles hot breath on my face.  It could be the fact that I can't change positions because that would mean rolling on top of one of my children.  For a brief moment I consider sleeping horizontally at the foot of the bed.  I consider going to their beds.  But I stand my ground.  This is my bed.  My territory.  I will not be overthrown.  I'm so hot, I have to get my sweatshirt off.  But by now it's dangerously close to morning.  One false move could lead to having to get out of bed completely.  I decide to sweat through it. 
I finally fall back asleep just in time to be awoken by the giggling going on around me.  So young, and they're already planning and enjoying my first thoughts.  I open one eye, and then the other.  Two boys.  Wide awake.  Waiting for their mama.
"Good morning mommy.  I wake up!"
"I wake up too!"
Me = Lucky.  And in love.


Becky Reese said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

All too familiar! Ellie was in our bed for a while last night because she was sick. I didn't sleep for a second of it!