Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ten Things I Know to be True on Tuesday

  1. Sunday I watched Home Alone... alone, on my couch, with a Coca-Cola.  It was just one awesome part of my day.
  2. I'm seriously thinking about watching the series West Wing from the beginning, but I know me....I know this means a severe drop in productivity.  Right now I'm trying to weigh if this is a great time for me to drop off the face of the earth.  
  3. I've found the ultimate HoHo (chocolate cake rolls with white frosting and a delicious chocolate coating)...and it lives in the UK.  Since it is only sold in the UK (by Cadbury) I have serious plans to send some to my brothers who at one time shared my intense love for HoHos as a child.
  4. Valentine's Day may be my most favorite holiday, even though my husband doesn't celebrate it and I know I won't receive a thing.  Perhaps you remember this post from last year.
  5. People can say they hate Valentines Day, but it really just means they don't know how to embrace it correctly.  How can you hate a holiday about love and candy? 
  6. When you send mail to someone it makes them feel loved for the entire day.
  7. If there are two almost identical cars for your boys to share they will still fight over which one wants the "orange one" (or purple one depending on their mood).
  8. I like ice cream.
  9. I used to think being busy was an indication of how valuable I was.
  10. Now I know that's crazy-talk, and being content makes me a million times more valuable.
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And just to prove I am READY for today....
My new socks from my sister-in-law. :)


Hilary said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I stopped after reading #2 so I could comment. YES. Stop everything else you are doing, productive or not. And watch the series The West Wing from start to finish - you will not be sorry. You thought you were friends with Meredith and Christina? Forgettaboutit. Jason and I watched the whole series start to finish pre-kids and it still is something I look back on with much nostalgia. DO IT! ;) Love, your fellow Grey's-obsessed friend.