Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ten Things I Know to Be True on Tuesday

  1. My kids can be using two pieces of cutlery to eat and cut their food at breakfast while saying "please" and "no thank you" during the entire meal, impressing everyone within earshot.  No more than 5 minutes later they will go back to the hotel room and start pretending to pee on one another.  There is no happy medium.
  2. Ice cream bars make a great snack...just not in the car when it is dark out and you have no form of napkin to clean up with.
  3. I miss Miracle Whip. If you have a jar in your fridge, give it a nice hug for me.
  4. Laundry won't do itself.  Even if you stare at it really hard and will it to get up and walk itself to the washing machine.
  5. There is no way to tell your dog and cat that you are coming home in two years, but you can find them really lovely homes and hope they still like you enough to come with you when you return.  You can also wish everyday that you would have been nicer to them so that they would actually miss you rather than have the times of their lives in their new homes. 
  6. Jealousy is a terrible houseguest.
  7. People will surprise you.
  8. Preschool teachers are too nice to tell you what your child really did and how it really screwed up their day.
  9. The best conversations happen well after your bedtime.  It's a small price to pay.
  10. There is no greater sound than when your kids are in the other room playing happily together and pretending.  Nothing in the world is better.
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Jill said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Number 10: so, so very true.