Monday, February 6, 2012


Last weekend for my birthday we decided to take a small adventurous trip to Dublin.  If I'm honest, I would admit that I wasn't really looking forward to it.  We've been so busy that I thought a weekend at home relaxing sounded fun, but Dustin talked me into the trip and I ended up having a little a lot of fun exploring the city and other things on the way.
Our first stop was an old Celtic burial mound in Newgrange, Ireland that dates back before the pyramids - something like 3200 B.C.  It's hard to comprehend something that old.  It was pretty cool as far as old things go, and luckily we had the weather for it.  This was one place listed in Fromers 500 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Leave Home.  So we did.  However, our kids will probably just be upset that we did it before they'll ever be old enough to remember.  Trust me liked it.

The front entrance.  All of the stone is the original stone.
Waiting for the bus back.

After Newgrange we headed on to Dublin where we had a good time exploring the city....and the culinary experiences it had to offer.  First stop, Thai food, which was a big hit with the boys.

Then the next day... crepes for a mid-morning snack
And Queen of Tarts for a post-mid-morning snack.

Next we went on to Dublin castle which had a huge courtyard that we could run around and explore.  The boys were having a great time following the brick trails on the ground.  We of course had no idea what the significance of the place was, but something important happened there because there were a lot of people talking in hushed voices and looking at guidebooks.  

Some important one I'm sure.  I'm a terrible tourist.

On Sunday before heading home we went to see The Book of Kells.  The boys loved it.  Just kidding.  Wouldn't that be great if they did though?  What they did love was running around the dark room and chasing each other down the long corridor of the library.  Now that was more their cup of tea.

Waiting in line to see The Book of Kells.


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I'm a terrible tourist as well. I do like to see things, but I don't always care to learn the history behind them! Happy Birthday!