Friday, February 24, 2012

Carrie and Travis Come, But Don't Bring Max or Charlie

This last week we were so lucky to have Carrie and Travis here to visit us.  Unfortunately, a lot of our conversation revolved around why they were bringing their two little pups, Max and Charlie. 
They arrived on Wednesday and explored Dublin until Friday when they adventurously rented a car and drove all the way up here.  On Saturday we spent a lot of the day just lounging around and hanging out with on another, followed by a delicious thin-crust pizza - a rare commodity in this part of the word.

One day this week I had to work Cover, which means I couldn't get off site.  The boys took advantage of this by exploring Derry - the city I lived in when I studied for a semester here in college. 

On Sunday Carrie and Travis treated us to an open-top bus tour in Belfast, which was so fun.  I would recommend it to anyone coming to visit.  It covered so much of the city and history that I didn't know before.

And of course Dustin finally roped someone into visiting Bushmills Distillery with him - the oldest whiskey distillery in the world (I think).  Although his guests didn't fight him too hard on that.

Like every time someone comes to visit us, I wish I would have taken more pictures.  The boys won't stop asking where Carrie and Travis went.  They love having visitors.  The next time we see them they'll either have a picture of our sweet cousin coming from Korea, or (even better!) our actual cousin.  We can't wait to meet him or her and pray that we'll get to soon. 
Thanks for the memories, and meals, and love Carrie and Travis.  We miss you already.