Saturday, June 25, 2011

schedule schmedule

I have been having a really good summer.  I love the weather so far (I'm a total, 70-75 degree sort of gal), and most of all I love how this summer has been shaping up so far with my boys. 
I haven't been writing much lately because we've been busy going for walks, doing art projects, and learning our letters.  Who am I kidding?  I've also started Grey's Anatomy from season 1 and am now almost to season 7...I am a total sucker for shows that are out on season disks.  And since these are now available on Netflix "Watch it Now", the only thing holding me back from hours and hours of fictional emotional drama are two little people that sort of need my attention every once in awhile.
Note the precision and concentration....Miles reminds me of the painter Dali - paying so much attention to detail.

See that action?  Liam is definitely more of a Jackson Pollock.

All kidding aside, I am having a lot of fun in this new role I play in their lives.  We're down to a system.  A beautiful system.  A system built around a schedule with timers and activities.  When we first brought Miles home I was foolish and thought parents who followed tight schedules were just missing out on all of the exciting things.  I didn't want my life ruled by the schedule of a little person that didn't seem to have an opinion on the matter.  Unfortunately I mistook the lack of vocabulary for not having an opinion.  In his own way, Miles very much has an opinion.  He just showed it by throwing temper tantrums in Kroger, and refusing to take naps on most days.
Since I've made the conscious decision to create a schedule, my job has gotten so much easier.  Gone are the days of taking 1.5 hours to fall asleep for a nap that only lasted about 45 minutes.  So long to the multiple visits to the "naughty chair."  Bubye to my short fuse laced on trying to multi-task at every moment of the day. 
I was so foolish before.  I thought that my kids functioned well without a set schedule.  I thought they were well-rested and easy enough to manage.  Why didn't someone write a book about this so that I could have read it and saved myself all sorts of trouble? 
Oh wait...someone did.  I just thought I knew better.  I was so much smarter before I had kids.