Monday, June 6, 2011

Miles' birthday celebration in St. Louis.

I had big plans to post all of these pictures a week ago - considering we took this trip way back over Memorial Day weekend, but I've been busy spending my week  wrapping up the career I thought I would have for the next 20 years.  But that is beside the point. 

We went to St. Louis last weekend to celebrate Miles' and his cousin Wyatt's birthdays with Dustin's family.  I've never been inside the city (which is lame, considering I've only lived about 2.5 hours from it for the last 8 years).  We started out at the City Museum and then spent the next day at the St. Louis zoo.

It should be noted here that I just noticed that Wyatt's parents posted many more interesting and extensive shots of the weekend, which put my few pictures to shame.  However, it should also be noted (and my parents can attest to this) that I don't function well under high temperatures, which bodes well for Northern Ireland but not so much for the St. Louis zoo on a crowded 90 degree day in May.

This guy always misses out on the good stuff.

We spent about 90% of our day at this little wooden ramp.  Miles and Liam both loved it (when Liam finally woke up that is).

Liam and Miles are super lucky to have older cousins that actually want to play with them.

Insert all of the sweet zoo shots I didn't capture here because I was too much of a wimp to get out my camera.

And then we'll end with this picture of Liam in his new shades that I took on the way home.  What a hipster.  
"Anyone have any newly emerging, independent music they want to put on for me while I read this riveting rendition of Llama Llama Mad at Mama?"