Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thank you for being born...

31 years ago today my husband was born as a healthy baby boy.
And I'm glad.
Because if he had never been born I would have never moved to Central Illinois...which means.
  - I would have never had the jobs I have.
  - I would not have met the friends I met.
  - I would not have lived in the house I live in.
And if he had not been born on that day, of that year....
  - I wouldn't have the children I have.
  - I wouldn't know what "Nana rolls" taste like.
  - I wouldn't get to take my family up to Lake Michigan every summer.
And if he hadn't surprised his parents with his arrival....
  - I wouldn't have anyone to tell me why a shirt made out of Bamboo is superior.
  - I wouldn't have a dog that I think is pretty neat.
  - I wouldn't know how to make an action in Photoshop.
And if he hadn't grown up to be a handsome funny man....
  - I wouldn't have fallen in love my sophomore year of college.
  - I wouldn't have woken up next to you this morning.
  - And I wouldn't have spent my afternoon making "cake pops" that look like complete crap (but taste amazing).