Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Saturday morning that is chalking up to be...

Why?  Here's the agenda for today....
First up....biking downtown to the farmer's market
Next you ask?....breakfast with a dear friend at a funky little place.
After that?.....biking uphill home (okay not-as-awesome, but good exercise so I don't have to run later....which IS awesome.)
What about later?....out to the farm for a photoshoot with the boys
And for dinner you ask? guarantees, but there is talk of a night out with friends.
And if that doesn't happen?....snuggling on the couch with my husband and watching bad movies from Redbox

Things not mentioned that are sure to happen throughout.....
  • a nap
  • flowerbox planning
  • possible photo editing
  • Steamboat festival in downtown P-town
  • Vacation planning
See?  I told you it would be awesome.