Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Project: Fall in Love With Peoria - week 1

What did I do this week?  Besides change diapers and chase Miles around the dining room table ("our" new favorite game), I began my summer-long journey to fall in love with this town I call home.  I actually started this just on Saturday, because I spent the first week of my summer break trying to find a new car, talking to silly claims adjusters on the phone, and trying to figure out a schedule that won't drive me crazy.

So what did I do first?  I started out my summer as any self-respecting Peorian would - at the Burger Barge.  I've only ever been here once before, but I don't really think I truly appreciated it.  It is such a dive - but in a totally good way.  Being right on the river, and having sand under your feet, along with the Jimmy Buffet playing overhead I almost got the feeling I was actually on some tropical vacation (although I wouldn't go so far as to say a LUXURY tropical vacay).  I had a burger that actually had a fried egg on it and it was del-icious.  Below are some Burger Barge exclusive shots from our adventure.

The second thing we did was on Monday.  I drug Dustin and the boys out to the Rock Island Trail, which in my five years of living here have never been to.  We went on a bike ride with our new bike trailer.  The whole family loved it, minus Liam who wailed the whole time until he finally fell asleep from the utter exhaustion of crying.  I loved the trail and seriously recommend it to anyone.  I have a feeling we will definitely be back (but perhaps after a little trailer-riding training for Liam).
Action shot!  This doesn't quite capture the intensity of Liam's anguish. 

Right after the trail we headed over to Lou's Drive-In - a Peoria staple for dinner.  We got some awesome food and great root beer in mugs. :)  Miles even got this super cute little jr. root beer.  He didn't really like it, but I had to get a picture because he was so darn cute.

That's my report for this week.  I will be out of town this weekend, but hope to update my adventures of being wooed by P-town more when I get back.....
Next on the agenda - the Peoria Chiefs and salsa dancing lessons at the Contemporary Art Center.  Dustin's really excited about that one.  I'll keep you posted.