Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A birthday letter.

Dear Miles - my newly turned two year old....
You've been two for week now.  I meant to write this to you on your birthday, and in a way I guess I did in  my mind.  I've been thinking of the things that make turning two so special - especially for you, my oldest boy.
Although I'm doubtful that you'll remember your second birthday, I know that I always will - especially since it stretched on for nearly an entire week!  Being two is a big deal - you're still cute enough to get away with things you shouldn't, but you've become so independent.
At two you are such a big boy.  You can eat with silverware and drink out of a regular cup.  You run, not walk, everywhere you go.  You love bathtime and your little brother makes you giggle.  Instead of just saying "no" and "yes", you always say "no no" and "yeah yeah" which really cracks me up. You love being outside more than any other place in the entire world, and the only movie you will actually semi-watch is "Cars" (which Miss Ele gave you for your birthday).  In fact, everytime we walk past the dvd player you ask for it even though I think you've only watched it twice.  That's another thing - you're incredibly observant.  We could be sitting in the middle of a construction site and you would hear an airplane or helicopter that was so far away we could barely see it in the sky.  You mimic everything you see adults do, and you are starting to say your colors.  I THINK - although I'm not sure - but I THINK that today when I asked you to point to the different colored trucks you got them all right, with one exception.  I'm still trying to decide if it was a fluke, or if you've got us all fooled.

Oh yeah, did I mention that you LOVE cars and trucks?  Every time there is an open car door you quickly sneak in (people are continuously commenting on how quick you are).  You can find the hazard lights immediately, much to the chagrin of the car owners and your parents who usually searching about five minutes searching for the button that we so seldom use. 

I should also mention that you are funny.  When you're on fire, no one can resist your humor.  You're charming, witty, and most of all, a trickster.  I love every bit of it.  You love lotions, and on Friday you insisted that I paint your toenails (if this is your 16-year-old self reading this, I want you to know that I am not sorry - how could I resist when you even said "please"?)
Here's to your next year....may it be filled with all your favorite things - macaroni and cheese, plastic water bottles, foot lotion, outdoor adventures, balls, and of course, cauuuugghhhrrs (a.k.a. cars).
I love you, I love you, I love you.
Your mom.


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Too funny....Paul loves hand lotion as well. That is a riot! Happy birthday Miles....