Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To train or not to train....that is the question.

I'm potty training Miles.  I know he's young.  Trust me, I've heard every skeptical comment out there.  And in my defense...here is my reasoning.
  1. He knows what he's doing....the boy can pee on command - I'm not kidding.
  2. He doesn't mind going to the bathroom - in fact, he kind of likes it and I didn't want to lose that.
  3. He can't reason with me yet, which makes negotiations MUCH easier.
It actually wasn't my idea.  On Friday morning Dustin just brought it up on a whim after Miles went to the bathroom again just because he felt like it.  I've had a hand in training A LOT of children due to my former years as a glorified babysitter at the daycare (which is surprisingly coming in handy now that I am a mom).  I've helped to train kids who were nowhere NEAR where Miles is in this area so I knew he could do it if we could do it.  Dustin was all about it, so without a second thought I took off for a day at the spa (an old gift certificate I still hadn't used) and on my way bought Miles some super cool underwear with cars on it that I knew would sweeten the deal for him.  Here was our plan...
  1. Stay at home all weekend.
  2. No diapers, no matter what - except for naps and bedtime.
  3. Lots of celebrating and cheering.
  4. No rewards - our praise would be enough.
Here is what happened....
  1. By Saturday night we HAD to leave our house because we needed to start looking at cars to buy to replace our poor little smashed up tin can that is now residing permanently in the windy city.  Plus, in all honesty we were totally getting cabin fever (Dustin more than me considering I was gone most of Friday and Saturday morning.)  We then broke our rule again on Sunday morning to go to church, and have been breaking it every since.
  2. When we left the house we put on diapers - we're just not that brave - or stupid.
  3. We still cheered and celebrated A LOT.  Let's just say there were windmill high fives being handed out like candy....which brings me to number....
  4. By Friday night I was making a last-minute nighttime run to Walgreens for the BIG BAG of M&Ms - which worked like an ultimate incentive charm since our praise really ended up not being enough.  They worked so well that now I reward myself with one (or five) everytime I go to the restroom.....or outside....or walk around the kitchen.....or put the boys down for a nap....I've got a lot to be rewarded for. :)
Overall things are going really well - for Miles.  His mom is another story.  By Friday night I had two big regrets.  The thing about these regrets is that I felt there was no turning back once we got started.  We HAD to follow it through to fruition.  What were my two big regrets?
  1. That I was now a member of the "Do you have to go potty?!" club.  You know the club - the one where you have to ask your child every 10 minutes if they have to go "potty" because you don't want them to have an accident.
  2. My baby was in underwear.  He looks pretty cute in his cute little briefs, but the truth is that it just makes me so sad.  All day Friday I moped around because it felt as though my attempt to bring him one step closer to the independence of growing up was doing just that - bringing him one step closer to independence and growing up.  I still get mopey just thinking about it - almost the "What have I done!?" school of thought.  
So here is where I am now.  My cocky - "potty training is so easy" attitude is out the door.  I'm going to keep training, even though my summer would be easier without it, and he's actually very close.   However, I'm going to take it slowly.  Miles and I have nothing to prove, and I am in no hurry for him to grow up.   


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Thanks for the post. At least your not also trying to train Liam. Have you seen articles about potty training babies? Also just curious as to not using pullups? Doyle has shown very little interest in the potty except to take off the toilet paper!