Saturday, March 27, 2010

A lot can happen in a year....

To my sons, 
A year ago today.....

To my oldest:  I was packing to go meet you for the first time.  I was anxious, scared, excited, and nauseous......
For a week I couldn't sleep or eat because my nerves were going haywire.  In two days I was leaving to come get you.  I had your picture tucked safely away.  For months we had planned for you.  We had put together a room for you.  Every piece of furniture was picked out especially for you.  We had been sitting on pins and needles waiting for a phonecall to come get you.  We couldn't stop smiling because we loved you so much and had been waiting for you.  Our family was just beginning.

To my youngest:  I had my suspicions about you.  I thought that you might exist, but it was my little secret.  Not even your dad knew what I thought to be true.  A year ago today I found out about you.  I was anxious, scared, excited, and nauseous.  For a week I couldn't sleep or eat because....well, you just wouldn't allow it.  At the time we didnt' have a plan for you.  The room we had made for your older brother would have to become yours as well.  My carefully-laid floor plan was rendered useless.  You should have seen your dad's face when I told him.  He thought I was lying.  We couldn't stop smiling because we loved you so much.  You were unexpected, but it felt like we had also been waiting for you as well.  Our family was growing.

I can't wait to see what the next year holds.
I love you forever, your mom xoxoxox


Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This makes me, the anti-cryer, tear up. What a beautiful, beautiful sentiment. Thank you.