Friday, March 26, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

I never thought I would be one of those parents that overindulged their child.  In fact, I never understood parents who bought something for their kids every time they walked into Target, just because they were being good.  The truth is that I was already pretty good at saying "no" to myself and Dustin when it came to spending money (especially Dustin - just ask him about the spending freezes I used to put him on when we lived in Normal).
Of course, that was then, this is now.  It's not that I can't say "no"; it's that I just don't want to.  It is much more fun to say "yes."  I mean, if you could see my kid's face at the sight of a new matchbox car, you would be saying "yes" a lot more too.  This little piece of metal that set me back about 97 cents brings him pure joy, which makes me so happy.
The other thing I never thought I'd do is turn my child's room into a "theme" room.  Someone told me when we were waiting for Miles that they thought the same thing and now their son's room is filled with trains.  At the time I thought..."Not me, no problem there."  Eating. my. words.
Which leads me to my most recent purchase.  Last night Miles and I went to Target in search of a new comforter for his bed.  I wanted a simple, white comforter that I could bleach if I needed to, but also looked great in his "non-themed" room.  Did I get the $30 comforter I had my eye one?  No.....  Instead I got a flimsy $10 white blanket and something else.  They were completely unnecessary, frivolous, totally themed, and less than $14, but in my little boy's eyes they are fabulous.  Every instinct I had about buying them was right.  Miles can't get enough of them.  Check out these new sheets.


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LOL!!! I so hear you on this post! I didn't decorate our kids rooms either, but somehow my son has Star Wars themed stuff all over his room (not the Clone War stuff... the old school Star Wars!) And, I doubt I ever walk out of Target these days without something for at least one of my kids. I do all sorts of things that I never thought I would do... but that is what keeps life fun!