Monday, March 15, 2010

Movie Monday - double the fun!

Today there are two movies that I would like to share!
What you'll see in the first one (if you can stick it out long enough.)
- Miles sporting the old-school LL Cool J one-leg-up jammies.
- a quick glimpse at Liam
- Miles' mad transportation skills
- a REALLY worn out piece of paper with fire engine stickers on it that Miles sleeps with most nights.

The second video we took last week of when I made Chap Chae (a traditional Korean dish - and my personal favorite.) Here you'll see...
- the most silent meal I've ever sat through (Miles was VERY busy).
- Liam's sweet duds that his father put him in.
- My obnoxious voice mocking Dustin.
- Miles taking about 3 minutes to eat one noodle.
- Liam hiccuping in the background.
- a WHOLE LOTTA lip smacking.