Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A nice little update...

 Dustin was sick last night and so bear took his place at dinner - Miles was thrilled and couldn't stop laughing or telling me that "Bear" was sitting next to him.

This last week Miles and Liam's nanny was on spring break with all of her friends.  While she was having a great time on the sunny beaches of Florida the boys were being watched by their Nana, Papa, and Aunt Carrie.  Miles and Liam loved it - in fact, Miles loved it so much that he decided he didn't need to take a nap for the entire week!  (I think he might have snuck one in accidentally on Monday.)  By Friday even Dustin had a hard time getting him down for a nap.  After the weekend we all returned to being well-rested in spite of the time change.
Getting ready for a walk

Some interesting things that have been happening recently....
Liam is smiling and laughing like crazy.
Miles has started to say many more word phrases which is sort of exciting.  I can't wait until I can ask him what he did all day and he can actually tell me.  Some of his phrases as interpreted by his mama (a.k.a. me).....
  -  bubye coughr (think throaty irish brogue) (bye bye car)
  -  mo mo (no more)
  -  mo cheap cheap cheap pweeze (this is exactly how he also imitates the sound a chick makes.) (may I please have another chip mommy?)
  - no no (I just did something that I know I wasn't supposed to do, and I think I need to go sit in time out.)
  - uh oh (Mom, I just left a really nice little something in my diaper for you....would you like me to go give Dad a hug? OR I just dropped something on the floor and want you to pick it up)
  -  Okay, that's about it, but I was really thinking there were more.

Dustin has been doing a lot of free-lance design work recently, which keeps him busy - especially since he usually has to do it during Miles' non-existent naps.
I have been awaiting the arrival of my diploma so that my husband can take me out to celebrate (which is what he says - I think he just forgot to get me anything back in December and so he made up the excuse that we have to wait until I actually have the diploma in my hands - which is starting to make me wonder if I really did graduate, or if they were just joking since it still hasn't arrived.)
Liam can sit up against things that will prop him up, and is cooing like crazy.
Miles is getting so smart.  The other day we were eating spaghetti and he saw me twirling my fork.  He tried and tried to do the same thing with his noodles.  We've resorted to being sneaky about things.  For example, we have to be really careful that he can't see us open the spray bottle for his wipes because I've learned that all it takes is for him to see it once and I'll be chasing a little one year old around the house who is chasing a distraught dog who is getting squirted - much to his chagrin. 

Miles and Liam's new room.

Miles' bed is officially finished, which called for a total bedroom makeover (actually just some rearranging to make the boys' room a better fit for two little ones.)  When I so meticulously planned it out a little over a year ago I really had no intention of there being more than one bed, so we've had to rethink the design a bit. :)