Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ode to my Husband...

A Tribute to D-Train

I love my husband because he......
Reads stories to the boys.
Takes Cooper for walks.
If he is getting into bed and I mention I am thirsty, he will always get out of bed to bring me a glass of water.
Looks cute in t-shirts.
Is a homebody.
Is good at picking out movies.
Cried at Marley and Me - or "secreted salted discharge from his eyes."
Makes me laugh.
Can go out one day after not running for 5 years and just whip out 3 miles like its nothing.....uphill.
Is a typography dork - but a passionate typography dork.
Likes my friends.
Loves my family.
Rides his bike to work in below freezing weather while I drive in my warm cozy car.
Feels completely confident taking care of two little boys while I go out galavanting.
Always kisses me when he gets home.
50% of the time he even dips me while doing it.
Dances at weddings.
Does sweet skateboarding jumps in public with an imaginary skateboard because it makes me laugh.
Watches PBS - religiously.
Still thinks Sesame Street is the bomb.
Wears undershirts.
Can become instant friends with any old man in the room.
Talks in a silly voice to Liam.
Cooks....and makes a mean homemade salad dressing and white sauce.
Can whip a batch of chocolate chip cookies out in less than 20 minutes.
Will always wipe cat hair off my back that I don't know is there.
Is a great host.
Can screen-print the life out of a shirt.
Will watch the bachelor with me even though he actually hates it and his favorite show is on at the same time on another channel.
Has mad graphic design skillz.
Gets upset when someone uses a "z" where an "s" should be.
Likes to cuddle.
Gets embarassed easily.
Doesn't need a lot of money.
Likes to go for walks.
Says that he "doesn't want to buy into the commercialization of Valentines' Day" so that he doesn't have to get me a gift.
Is totally hot.
Still thinks I'm hot.
Likes to talk about his Nike Running Thingy that Goes with is Nike Shoe/Ipod Thingy.
Will wipe up the competition in Trivial Pursuit.
Goes crazy for giftcards to Barnes and Noble.
Gets his facts off of Men's Health.
Reads Parenting magazine and dog-ears the pages.
Takes Miles to the zoo.
Likes to eat wraps.
Never pretends like he doesn't see the cat puke so that I have to clean it up.
Gets excited about hobbies.
Is handy.
Dresses well.
Is really strong.
Likes our cat.
Is an environmentalist.
Almost never gets mad at me, and when he does it is usually because I use the computer mouse when I just put on lotion, eat at the computer, drink at the computer, touch the computer screen, don't use shortcuts on the computer, save giant files on the computer, or I don't back-up my work on the computer. Or sometimes he gets upset because I drink coffee in the car and then spill it all over the console.  
But that's okay, because...
He is also .....
A good teacher.
A great father.
An amazing husband.


Jill said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a great post! I hope you don't mind if I steal your idea for my blog... we could all benefit from making a list like this for our husbands (or wives) I think. Made me smile to read it.