Thursday, March 18, 2010


Today I was getting ready for work just like any other day.  Everyone in the house slept, except for me.  Just as I was putting on the finishing touches (it takes an army, people) out walked Miles - making it the first morning he has been awake when I've left since the time change. 
We spent some time together - which made me later than I wanted to be - but was still totally worth it.  Just when I was leaving he started what I thought was going to be a huge fit.  It really just turned out to a half-hearted fake whining that was short lived.  Part of me was a little disappointed that he wasn't super upset to see me leave, but then a bigger part of me was happy that he obviously didn't care.  It was as though the whining was for my benefit - an effort (albeit a lousy one) to seem sincere in his plead for me to stay and play with him.  So, I got to leave with the satisfaction of 1. Knowing he was okay, and 2. Knowing that he cared enough to make me feel missed. 
It was a little bit like I got the best of both worlds.  This little guy knows just how to work it.  I am in big trouble.