Thursday, March 25, 2010

Early Bird

Dear Miles....
My favorite part of mornings like today isn't your sweet bedhead.  It isn't the way you stumble out of your room with a bear as big as you in your arms so that you can't see where you're going as you run into the wall.  It isn't even the big smile you give me as soon as you realized I am awake and sitting in the living room.  It has nothing to do with the cute way you take half-steps with your eyes half closed, or the fact that you stop everything the minute you see headlights outside so that you can go look out the window at the "caughrrrrrr." My favorite part was that for the last two mornings you've done something out of the ordinary.  You've climbed up into my lap and have cuddled with your mom.  I'm not talking just a sit-still for a few moments cuddle, which you also never seem to have time for.  I'm talking a wrap your arms around my neck with bear tucked safely between our chests with your head on my shoulder for an extended period of time cuddle.  I loved every minute of it.  Especially the part where you took a moment to look at me and smile.  I was thinking the same thing buddy - it just doesn't get any better at 6:00 in the morning. 
I'll love you forever, Mom