Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 241: Old

Today I am riding in a car with my aunt and uncle and cousin to a city about 6 hours away.  We're all migrating there for another cousin's wedding and I am going stag.
No husband.  No children.


Actually, the whole weekend is so time-warpy.  First of all, I'm totally riding out in the back seat with my teenage cousin, who I think is super rad, but could totally be one of my students.  Then I am hanging out with a dear friend from my past that I haven't seen in AGES - my roommate from the first time I went to Northern Ireland.  And then, because I won't have a car, my parents are going to have to pick me up for the wedding - which they are probably just realizing as they read this.

It's like I'm 20 again.

But I'm excited.  The boys have other adventures planned in Michigan (because we NEVER go there), and I will miss them since this is my second weekend in a row without them (and my third weekend this month away from home).

Have a good weekend!

Today I am thankful for opportunities that surprise me.