Saturday, August 16, 2014

Day 224 - 227: Catch-up

If only I could take a page from this guy's book...
Of course I'm planning catch-up again y'all.  You'll have to forgive me, because I DID start a new job, buy a car, host a book-club, send my oldest off to Kindergarten, freeze a gagillion pounds of vegetables for the winter, and perform two photo shoots. 

And if you think for even ONE HOT SECOND that I had my act together through it all, you obviously didn't see me yesterday morning, this morning, or any afternoon since Wednesday stomping around my house hyperventilating and wondering how I'm going to get more done that I need to.  And of course all while shouting orders at undeserving observers with facial expressions that oddly resemble a deer caught in headlights. It was not pretty.

I'm not pretty when I do that. 

Wait a second.... isn't this exactly what I tried to escape from when I picked up my family and moved away to another country three years ago? 

Oh my word...sing it.

I think I actually forgot how hard teaching is.  I actually thought I could just keep doing all of the things I was doing before, but now I could do it while working full-time. 

Yeah yeah...and you know what? Sign me up for another committee.  That sounds like a fabulous idea. 


That was me banging my head against the keyboard and realizing what an idiot I am.

So starting tomorrow I will learn the word "no". 

No I will not be Freshman Class Sponsor.
No I will not be room mother.
No I will not take that zuchinni off your hands.
No I will not sew you a Veggie Tale costume.

Okay, maybe I'll sew a costume...

But what to be thankful for.  Oh there was plenty...

Wednesday I was thankful for nice, polite, and eager students.
Thursday I was thankful for the fantastically brilliant group of women that make up my book club.
Friday I was thankful that I got to go out to dinner with old friends.
And today I'm thankful for a few days to reflect on how I can do it differently next week.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Now back to photo editing.