Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 237: Evening In

When we were living in Northern Ireland one thing I missed so so much was being able to come home from work and put on my stretchy pants, pour a glass or wine, and officially call it done.  Because of the nature of our job, we had to continuously go out after dinner to the volunteer house and socialize.  A glass of wine was out of the question if there was any chance at all that we may be going anywhere on site besides our house, and there were never really any "end" hours. 

These past few weeks have been hard on me.  I haven't actually spent an evening at home for a week now. 

But tonight that streak was broken, and here I sit - just having tucked the boys into bed for the first time really in much too long.  (I'm sure Dustin's glad I'm home too.)

Today I am thankful for an evening in.