Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 218: Questions

We live in an outstandingly conservative town/area.  People that know me from other areas of my life sometimes wonder out loud what I'm doing in such a place and we laugh together about things like how I don't have to wait in line during "The Primaries" or how I can't possibly fit into such a place. I think many of my friends have added up experiences from their past and the media to come up with the equation that conservative = intolerance. But the truth is quite the opposite in this tiny place. 

Almost everyday on social media I read about friends that have adopted children, like my oldest, and are asked outstandingly inappropriate questions, or overhear statements that make their skin crawl. 

I hear nothing. 

That doesn't mean it doesn't happen here.  It just means that people are sensitive enough not to ask or say things to me in front of my Korean American son.  Which in itself is pretty amazing when he is still one of the only Korean Americans I've encountered in my small town.  (I didn't say it was perfect.) 

Today I am thankful for the sensitivity of people in our lives.

I don't mind questions.  I just don't want them to make my six year old question himself or the validity of our family.