Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm dying to know...

I'm dying to know my son's thoughts and words.

I'm dying to know what he is thinking when I'm laying in his bed beside him at bedtime and he looks over at me and smiles sweetly.
I'm dying to know what he is telling me when he frantically wants something from me while I run around the room going "Do you want this?" "No? Okay, is it this?"  and he just keeps getting more and more upset.
I'm dying to know what he did all day at the sitters.  What did you play with?  Who did you play with?  Did you play fair?  Is she good to you?
I'm dying for him to call me "Mom" or "Mommy" or even "Mama" instead of the high pitched "Mah" that he has come up with as a substitute.
I'm dying to know what he wants when he's throwing a fit in the car and I can't figure out what it's about.
I'm dying for him to say "I love you too", or "Goodnight Mom".
I'm dying to know how he feels about new situations, especially when he gets quiet and distant.
I want to be able to ask him these things.
I want to be able to talk about Korea and his adoption....not just me talking, but him responding with some semblance of understanding.
I'm dying to hear the commentary that is going on in his head....I want to hear what his personality is like, because that boy has SO MUCH PERSONALITY.

**Miles isn't talking like other children his age.  I used to blame it on being immersed in another language for the first ten months of his life....which I do believe is a factor.  However, I've seen and heard other children with identical situations that are spitting out distinguishable words and sentences.  It's not just that he isn't talking, but it's that he is also making up words and sounds to substitute other words.  Up until now I haven't been all that worried about it.  I've made the conscious decision to approach it in a laid-back other words, give it a few months.  I've decided to wait it out until he's 2 and a half - then I can allow myself to explore it further.  However, 2 and a half is coming up quickly.  

Someday all I'll want is for him to sit down and zip it.....that's hard to imagine right now, when I want all of those other things.


Grace said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I know how you feel son Timma (though he is not adopted, he did grow up hearing 2 languages on a daily basis) did not speak until he was almost 3 years old...then over a 6 month period it was like a damn broke and now he can't stop! We did do early intervention and speech therapy from when he was 2 until 3.

Cori said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I know what you mean about the talking; S is not a man of many distinguishable words. It's only now that he is starting to talk, and even now, it's a language that basically only I can understand.

But one of the coolest things in my life right now is the moment he wakes up and the first words he says. They are so random and clearly indicate his dreams. It's fascinating to hear that my kid often dreams of Bee Bim Bop and waffles.

I too want to be able to sit and chat with him all afternoon long and really get an even better sense of his personality.

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