Friday, October 1, 2010

Whose kid is that anyway??!!

Yesterday when I picked Miles up from the babysitters I was greeted by two little boys in completely different outfits than they had left that morning wearing.  Upon closer inspection I noticed that Miles' white shoes were now black, and there was something black encrusted deep down in his cuticle beds and under his fingernails, along with flecks of white in his hair.  I didn't even have to ask what happened before the babysitter told me....
While she was fixing lunch she sat the children down to color.  She had put all of the paint on a higher shelf (which is because my son and another little boy had gotten into it the day before and had spilled it everywhere).  What she didn't realize is that she had left the black and white containers in the craft box. When she came back from plating their lunches she returned to find that were they not only NOT coloring, but Miles had gotten into the black and white paint, and then had proceeded to PAINT EVERYONE IN THE ROOM.  Every child.  No child left behind.  They all just sat there and reveled in his artistic influence.
So my kids weren't the only ones in new clothing....every child had to be changed.
I was speachless.  I didn't know whether an apology to the babysitter was in order, or whether I should just shrug and say like I do to so many others...."well, he's a fast little guy."  I did a little of both.
Later that night when my husband went back to pick up his car, the babysitter and some other parents were outside.
One asked...."So is your son the artist?"
Hmmmm...artist...I'll take that. :)
My response? "Why yes he is." beaming.....unless you're really mad about your kid's clothes....then I don't know who he is.


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Wow. Now THAT's something I haven't heard before. Worthy of being a scene in a movie. :)