Saturday, April 24, 2010

That's right, I'm blogging about blogging

This week has flown.  I realize I haven't written on the blog since Monday - if you even call that writing.  It could have to do with the 2.5 sleepless nights I got at the beginning of the week as my boys tag-team-slept to the great joy of their father and I.  Or, it could have to do with my job and the demands it places on me at this time of year.  OR, it could be because the combination of the two and being a working mom is just really starting to kick my butt.  Whatever it is, it has kept me from blogging.  I've thought of a whole slew of great bloggy topics, but I'm finding that blogging is a little bit like anything else.  If you take a break from it, it is a little harder to start back up again.  Okay, I know you're thinking "she really only stopped blogging for like five days - so why are she talking about it so much?"  Fair enough.

Everyday I've had something to write about.  Everyday I've found an excuse not to write anything - although the excuses have been legit.  I even skipped Wordless Wednesday even though I had pictures all ready to share.  So, I am going to share with you my Wordless Wednesday pics and will tomorrow turn over a new leaf.  I know you're all excited - don't try to hide it.  I know my brothers have missed the automatically generated email that is sent to them everytime I hit "publish post" and my angelic personality that they can't even escape 4+ states away.  So don't worry brothers, there is more to come.  But until then....
Giggles + Mischief + Tons of future wrestling matches = Miles and Caleb

A dapper young Miles ready for church and a teeny tiny little baby faux mo after bathtime. :)

My three boys today at Forest Park Nature Center's Earth Day Celebration.

So there you have it.  Other highlights this week?
- The handle broke on our mower (we have an old-school push reel mower) so we've been waiting for my students to weld it back together for almost 2 weeks now.  In the meantime we've grown a miniature jungle.  Today we got our mower back only to have the handle break off (because ANY handle would have broken off in that jungle).  We then had to borrow a mower from our neighbor - which we could have done from the beginning.  
- Sleep training began and then came to a screeching halt, thanks to two little boys who showed us whose boss.
-  We bought a bike trailer on Craigslist!  We were so excited about it until we remembered that there really is nowhere to ride a bike with two little boys trailing behind.  We could try Main Street, but that just doesn't seem wise.
-  I still only have one room in my entire house spring-cleaned - and that was the easiest room.  (We're going on three weeks now.)
-  Today we went to visit Dustin's grandma in Eureka.  Miles had so much fun that this was the scene in our backseat while we were leaving....
So I'll leave you all with that little gem (which does not do his actual anguish any justice).


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I got sucked into my own little break from blogging. Back in Sept. I took a week off and it was 7 months until I wrote another post. The plus side of a break is that you have lots of topic ready to go when you start back up again!

Kristen from LL Waiters