Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Family Day

Dear Miles,
A year ago today we were bringing you home with us from Korea.  We were nervous but excited.  We had a bedroom that we had carefully prepared for you and all sorts of toys ready for you.  Our wait was over and we couldn't have been more thrilled.  Your dad and I have been carefully thinking about what we are going to do today - on what we have decided to call "Family Day."  We want to celebrate the beginning of our family - the day we brought you home.
One thing that we are going to do is write a letter to both your foster mom and birth mom.  I've been thinking of what to write for weeks.  Hopefully someday you will be able to help me more with this.  What do I say to the two women who loved you before I had even met you?  One woman who loved you so much that she made the ultimate sacrifice - hoping for you to have a better life?  Or your foster mom, who gave you her whole heart knowing that you would have to someday leave her.  When we left Korea I promised her that someday we would take you back to visit her.  I know she must think of you daily.
This is what I will tell them...that you have grown so big.  I will tell them that you have filled my heart with so much joy - that my heart is so full of love that sometimes I can't catch my breath because there is no more room left for my lungs.  I will tell them that they have taken part in raising a happy, funny, active little boy that loves french fries, cars, trucks, and balls.  I will tell them about your ornery streak, but also about your loving streak.  I will tell them that you love bike rides and stuffed animals.  I will tell them that you are a great big brother and friend - good at sharing and laughing.  I will tell them stories about your funny nature - like today at naptime when I was pretending to sleep and you kept kissing my face because it would make me laugh.  I will tell them that you bring joy to those around you and that you are so silly.  I will tell your birth mom that the little boy she named after Joseph from the Bible is on his way to becoming the good man that she had prayed for.  I will tell your foster mother and father that their love has made you into a sweet and loving little boy.  I will tell them how you never stop moving, learning, and exploring.  I will tell them that my life got better the moment I was allowed to be your mom.
Happy one year Family Day Miles.  We love you, and we have big plans for you.  You have a lot of people rooting for you little boy.

I'll love you forever,
Your Mom :)


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Happy family day!

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Note to self: Do not read Tiff's blog at work. . . particularly not at emotional times of the month.