Monday, April 5, 2010


That is a sigh of contentment after a fantastic weekend that was fun and relaxing.  We spent our extended weekend in northwest Ohio with my parents.  Not only did we celebrate Easter, but also our Family Day - the day we brought Miles home from Korea.  I love going home because it is all so familiar to me.  I miss being so far from my family and friends from that area, but I also appreciate the charm that goes along with indulging in it only a few times a year. 
We had a great weekend with my parents.  Rather than go on and on with lengthy text about the trip, I will show you what we did through pictures.  (I actually did a much better job of actually taking pictures this trip.)

We arrived late on Thursday evening - this illustrates Miles when he is SUPPOSED to be tired and ready to go to bed.
Friday morning Miles was ready for a bike ride with Grandpa.
One tradition in our family is to do a traditional churrascaria.  My dad always cooks and serves while we eat communally off of the grill.  My dad also treats us all to traditional Brasillian Caipirinhas.
Miles got stuck in the chair and we thought it was pretty funny.

Later we sat around the fire and enjoyed the beautiful evening.              Saturday morning - waffles!

Saturday was our Family Day and we wanted to fill it with things that Miles would love.  We thought long and hard about what to do with him today.  We considered the zoo, children's museum, and many other ideas.  We ended up with what we thought he would like the most - and we were totally right.  We took our little boy to Tractor Supply Company. :)
 Getting ready to go......           This was the first thing we saw when we walked in.  Miles was so excited and started just grabbing vehicles and putting them under his arm.  Luckily for us he could only carry three, so he had to keep putting some back until he decided on the three perfect "trucks".

Notice that he couldn't even REALLY enjoy the go-cart because he was so obsessed with holding onto his new trucks.
Luckily we got him to let go of the trucks long enough to strip down and color Easter Eggs. It was the fastest egg coloring in the history of man.  The second shot gives you an idea of just how fast the eggs were coming in and out.
 Next we had the first of two Easter Egg hunts.  My mom decided to break it up into two hunts - one on Sat. and one on Sun. b/c we all know what Miles' attention span is like.  He actually did pretty well finding the eggs.
Liam also enjoyed the Easter Egg hunt.
Saturday evening we went out to a really nice Korean Restaurant in Toledo.  This was a special treat for us because there are no Korean restaurants in our area.  Of course, the trucks had to come along.

When we got home we all had a Family Day cake.  I wish I could show you pictures of the lovely beautiful cake that we had to commemorate that day, but then I'd have to go out and find a cake that was actually lovely and beautiful - two things which the cake I decorated myself were not. :)
Easter Sunday Photo Shoot...... (again, the trucks - they were a big hit)
Easter Egg Hunt - Part Two.  This time great grandma and grandpa were there to watch.

 Home Again!  Traveling back to Illinois on Sunday actually went really well - until there were only about twenty minutes left.  Then it was a sad sad story.  Here is a relieved Liam to be back at his own pad. :)