Friday, April 16, 2010

Tomorrow is going to be......


Why?  Because.....
** I am going to have coffee with some good friends.
** I am going to plan a baby shower for someone that really deserves it.
** I am going to go into work and get a TON of stuff done and feel really productive.
** I am going to treat myself to a fountain Coke from McDonalds while I do it.
** I might even treat myself to an entire lunch from MickyD's.
** I am going to come home just in time for nap time.
** I am going to make Thai Chicken Noodle Salad for dinner and it reminds me of summer.
** I am going to an artist reception for my students who have done an awesome job at yet another art show this spring.
** I am going to finish watching the movie that DJ and I started, but he started snoring halfway through.
** Then I'm going to go to bed and think about how awesome my day was, and thank God for each person in my life that was put there.

Today was NOT awesome, but tomorrow is a new day, and that new day is going to be AWESOME.