Monday, January 11, 2010

Valuable Footage

Okay, so I've been trying really hard since I've been home to capture two things on video for the blog...Liam smiling - which he does often, and Miles getting caught being ornery. Both occur multiple times throughout the day, so you would think that they would be easy to capture. For example....if there is ever a silent moment in the house I immediately look for Miles. If he isn't in his room reading books like an angel (which really does happen) then I know that he is either

A.) Sitting/standing on the office chair at the computer with his hands poised over the keys waiting for me to walk in so that he can start banging on the keyboard as hard and fast as possible (this is also applicable for the printer and/or laptop).

B.) Peering over the edge of Liam's bassinet with his hands poised over Liam waiting for me to walk in so that he can steal Liam's pacifier and make a run for it.

C.) Standing at the top of the stairs to the basement with a handful of dogfood waiting for me to walk in so that he can throw it down the stairs.

All of these happen multiple times throughout the day and apparently require an audience - namely ME.

Well, today for some reason it was impossible to capture any of these on video (to use as a reference when Miles gets older and denies ever giving his mother a hard time). Nor could I capture Liam smiling, which he has been doing since Christmas, and does so often these days.

Instead, what you are going to see are two different videos. The first capturing Miles, sweet as can be, riding his rocking horse and the second of Liam just looking really content and pleased. If you could do me a favor and mute your computer while watching the Liam movie I would really appreciate it. The baby talk is a little out of character, but usually effective 90% of the time for a guaranteed smile. This was the other 10%. Oh well, you can just admire how alert he is. :)