Saturday, January 2, 2010

The "T" List...

This list is all about my recent discoveries, and things I love....A lot like the "O" List (, but WAY more practical....

1.  New Rug.  First I'll start with my snazzy new rug.  Recently when my mom came to visit she explained to me that getting rid of my trendy, cute, old rug would really simplify my life.  The problem was that although incredibly cute, and given to me by my own mother, it shed more than any pet I've ever owned.  It might work well in a home that doesn't have animals walking all over it, and babies running on it, dragging little wool hairballs throughout my house (now my sister-in-law isn't going to want it), but for our crazy household it was a disaster.  If I actually vacuumed everytime that I SHOULD have, I would have been vacuuming everyday.  I knew this when I took it from my mom (it was the same reason she got rid of it), but it was just too cool to pass up.  HOWEVER, I've found a rug that I like just as much, and I've had it for four days now and haven't had to vacuum because it yet.  PLUS, it has cool roads for Miles' cars and trucks to drive on.  I got it on and it was here in three days!

The Before Rug

The After Rug

2.  Mylicon.  This is a totally new discovery to me, and something that I'm sure all seasoned moms already know about, but to quote my friend Lara, "this stuff is liquid gold."  Last night after fifteen minutes of crying Liam stopped in 30 seconds after taking this stuff.  PLUS, it says its safe to take after every feeding (although we only use it at night).  I hope it's right. :)

3.  Kiddy Rocking Chair.  Who doesn't love homemade things?  Especially if they are made for you by your own grandfather.  This year for Christmas my grandpa made all of his grandchildren with children these cute little rocking chairs.  We have a big family, so it was A LOT of rocking chairs.  Then, on top of that, my grandma painted all of them.  

4.  Homemade Hat and Mittens.  Speaking of homemade gifts.  My friend Kimberly sent me these super cute hat and mittens for Liam before he was born.  I love them and have gotten tons of compliments on them.  I thought she had ordered them from somewhere, but come to find out, she made them herself.  She is so talented.  I told her she should start selling them, so if you would like to order a pair, just contact me.  (Kimberly we'll talk finders-fee later:))

5.  Liam's New Vibrating/Rocking Chair.  He LOVES it and it is somewhat stylish.  'Nuf said.

6.  Mennonite in a Little Black Dress.  You should definitely read this if you are a woman, Mennonite, and own a little black dress.  Actually you should read this witty memoir even if none of the above apply to you.  It made me laugh out loud because her parents remind me of so many of my friends parents, (I guess mine are too progressive to fit the Mennonite mold??)  and she even mentions Goshen!  

7.  Homemade Quilt by MonaLeisa.  I ordered two of these for the boys because they are funky and fun, yet also stylish at the same time.  Get yours at her Etsy store at  We love ours.

8.  Light blocking curtains.  Glaring sun and snow forced me to get these in order for Miles to even consider laying down for a nap.  I can't believe how dark they make the room.  

9.  Cute baby-wearing husband who fixes lunch for you while you're writing on your blog.....Sorry, you'll have to find your own. :)


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Does the husband actually have anything in the carrier? Doesn't look like it, although Liam is pretty small!