Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Baby Bean/Liam

Dear Liam....

I've never written a post to you before, but you've really only been around for six weeks and relationships like this take time.  In fact, it would really help with my blog writing if you would let me set you down every once in awhile during the day - just a suggestion.

So far you are growing so quickly.  I think that you are starting to look like me, but don't tell anyone because they all think you look like your dad.  You look nothing like the tiny little baby we brought home six weeks ago, with your skinny little legs.  I remember telling my mom that I've never seen a baby with such skinny legs.  THOSE you did get from your dad.

At this point you're not really doing anything all that impressive besides wooing the old ladies at McDonalds and stealing the hearts of everyone you come in contact with.  The combination of you and your brother together is just too much cuteness for some people to handle.  Today I dressed you up as a polar bear to go out and run errands.  I thought you were incredibly cute, and so did everyone at the post office.  I hope that someday you'll forgive me.

What do you like to do?  Well, there are tons of things that you really enjoy.  Right now your favorite afternoon activity is watching Days of Our Lives with me (your mom).  You also love to watch me make funny faces and talk in a really high pitched voice all of the time.  Your favorite reading material is Real Simple magazine, which you like me to read to you while your eating.  According to your grandma, all you want to do is eat.  You like taking naps with your dad so much that you both insisted on taking a whole lotta naps this weekend together!  You really like to start fussing just as I'm starting to accomplish something, but that's okay because I would rather hold you than accomplish anything anyday.  You also like to be held by your Nana.  In fact, you like it so much that others have to wrestle you away from her, but I'm sure that she doesn't mind one bit.  I'm still trying to figure out why you hardly ever fuss while she's holding you - she must have the touch.   You like to sit up and even stand when someone is there to support you.  You're also a real daredevil in the ol' swing - although I think you are the only baby in the history of the world that chooses NOT to fall asleep in it - it is just THAT EXCITING!  Right now your diet is pretty limited, but I can tell you what I like to eat right now, which is just about everything thanks to you.  You really like being swaddled - which would explain why it took you so darn long to join us in the first place.  You also really like being warm - which I keep trying to tell your dad, but he thinks I'm just trying to make the house warmer for myself - imagine!

Your brother loves you a whole lot too.  In fact, he can hardly keep his hands off you.  He hates to see you without your pacifier, and will always try to make sure you have it in your mouth for comfort - whether you like it or not.  He always has to hug you before he takes a nap (yes, he actually lays down in a BED for naptime - you should take notes.).  I have a feeling that someday you guys will be great pals.

So Liam (also known at one time as "Baby Bean"), thank you so much for joining us.  We love you and we think you're pretty special.  (I also really enjoy having someone to watch Days with and compare notes on the inner workings of Stefano and EJ Demera.)

I loved you before I met you - although I love you even more now that I can sleep on my stomach, go longer than twenty minutes without going to the bathroom, and hold your little hand.

Love, your mom. xoxoxoxoxoxooooo


Megan said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Aww that was such a sweet letter to your little Liam (and funny too)!

Audieb said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

LOVE IT!!! What a cute picture - and I'm so jealous that you have a Days buddy now... Liam will have to keep me updated on what's going on.

Wendy V. said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Awesome post! And hilarious! Warmed my heart and made me laugh.