Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mini Posts

  • I haven't had internet for DAYS...seriously.  And not just in my house.  I haven't had it in my office, in other people's offices (because I've tried), or anywhere within a 2 miles radius of me.  I finally walked into town today and am sitting in a cafe on borrowed time.  Hence the build-up of a slew of mini-posts that I am about to spew out of my fingers.
  • On Friday Miles dressed up as a cowboy for Halloween.  It was super super easy.  We hot glued (if you can't hot-glue it, you should do it) spurs onto his wellies and got him all dressed up.  He kept saying "Heehaw!" all morning (think more donkey than cowboy), and when Dustin went to pick him up his spurs were long gone.   I will post photos soon. Like I said...borrowed time.
  • Halloween is a big deal here.  This entire week Miles has off school and we are taking part in a big parade tomorrow evening.  All of us (including the volunteers) are dressing up as Alice in Wonderland.  I'm the caterpillar.  So far I just look like a green condom.  Hopefully we can work on that a bit before I parade in front of the town.
  • Alright, I just wrote out a TON of mini-posts and then the internet went down HERE as well, and I lost everything past this point. AHHHhhhh!  (I might go crazy - but I'll try to remember what I wrote)
  • I'm constantly surprised by what has changed here in the last 11 years.  From language, to the cars (there are a lot more SUV's than before), to the violence (there is now very little).  I guess it has been over a decade.  It just doesn't feel like it to me.
  • These people put fresh cream on everything.  Hot chocolate, scones, name it.  It definitely makes up for the lack of ice cubes and decaffeinated products if you ask me.
  • Today I was hanging a picture up in our living room and Miles kepting saying I was hanging and "greengraph".  I thought he was mispronouncing it, but Dustin informed me that it is the Gaelic word for photograph and Miles' teacher told him that Miles has been saying that word everyday.... about what, I don't know.  In my dreams he is telling his teacher that his mom is an awesomeing "greengrapher", but I doubt that is the conversation context.
  • I think we figured out the secret to going on successful adventures with our boys (knock on wood).  Yesterday we made a big trip (to be posted soon) and we made the boys eat an early lunch and take naps, then left around 2 pm.  They did so well.  There was no whining and we didn't get home until about 9.  Much better than when we try to go in the morning.  Who knew?
  • On Tuesday I went with some friend to try out the latest craze...Zumba...  in the back of a pub...  on a sticky dancefloor... with no heat.  It was a good time.  Some of those ladies have got moves.  Their hips don't lie.
  • Someday I do plan on posting about what I do all day, what we've been working on, and of course PICTURES.... but like I said before... borrowed time.