Tuesday, November 1, 2011

That Mom

I want to be that mom.

that isn't afraid to take a silly photograph because she'll look bad.
that isn't terrified of taking chances.
that teaches her kids to have the confidence to try new things.
that tells bad jokes and funny stories that their friends will learn to love.
that isn't ashamed to squeeze into a wet suit that is two sizes too small.
that teaches them to say no to peer pressure, but yes to ice cream for dinner.
that can lift a couch up over her head (or maybe just one end of a loveseat) without breaking a sweat.
that can build a bookshelf with her bare hands.
that will skip mopping the floor to read stories (and maybe catch the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy).
that fosters their creativity.
that allows them to be themselves, but doesn't allow them to interrupt adults.
that will admit she is wrong...or sorry...or thankful.
that will dance in public, even when I'm terrified.
that they can be proud of.