Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today while my friends and family are gathered for their giant Thanksgiving feasts and are indulging in some of my favorite comfort foods on the planet I will be working.  Don't get me's not hard work I'm doing.  In fact, at one stage I get to help decorate the center for Christmas.  That's not all bad for this Christmas-loving girl.  I envision it like decorating my house...except bigger and better.
Which makes me think of  my house, and all the warmth it exuded this time of it was my favorite place to be between now and January.  Which makes me think of my other home in Ohio...and my brothers on the east coast...and all the people back home that I love.  Which, in turn, makes me homesick.  For the first time since being here I am hopelessly homesick.
How does one counteract the glorified thoughts of her family stuffing themselves and watching American football at her home while she ignores the holiday in Northern Ireland?
By writing a list of things she is Thankful for of course.

I am thankful for my job
The other day I was talking about the affect this would someday have on my children, and someone told me they thought it was awesome that I "brought my kids over here to watch us work towards the peace process in Northern Ireland."  It reminded me why I'm here.  At times it feels like I get caught up in planning events and organizing folders...I forget what it all leads to.

I am thankful for my kids
Sometimes I have bad days and they remind me to laugh.  They're excited to see me every day.  And there are times when they follow me around whining for me to pick them up.  And even at moments when it isn't convenient, I will always pick them up.  Because I have friends that will never get to do that.  I do it for them.  And I do it for myself.  Because soon no one is going to ask me to "carry you!"

I am thankful for my husband
Who is pretty all-around awesome.  
I'm also thankful for razors
So that he can shave off that ugly thing growing on his lip at the end of "Movember"
I'm thankful for my health.
I take it for granted every day, yet I am so lucky to have such a healthy family.  And I have friends that have taught me that nothing should be taken for granted.

I am thankful that I have people back home to miss.

I'm thankful I have many places to call "home."
I am thankful for the friends I've made here.

I am thankful for the cliff I live on the edge of, and for the city that looks magical at the tip of dusk and dawn from this cliff.

I am thankful for a warm house and delicious food that just shows up in my life 7 days a week.
And finally, I am thankful that I can officially start streaming in Christmas music.
Because I tried to do it yesterday, and it just felt unnatural.