Sunday, October 23, 2011

If Miles was a blogger.

Hi. Miles here.
Lately I've been very busy jumping in mud puddles and eating chocolate biscuits, but I thought I would take a moment to tell you how life in the good ol' UK has been from my perspective.

Oh sorry, I got a bit distracted because a 2008 black Peugeot just drove by our window.
So anyways, things here are pretty good.  My crazy parents sent me to an Irish language school because it was the only place that had room for me.  It's great and all, but I have a really hard time understanding what they're saying because they keep saying a bunch of jibberish and then mixing in English with it.  I thought it was just me until the other day when my mom dropped me off and couldn't even decipher what they were saying.  She didn't say that, but I could tell by the deer-caught-in-headlights look on her face when the teacher tried to ask Liam what was on the cover of his book. psh. amateur.

Right now my days are broken up into three sections (not counting school).
Morning: My favorite morning activities include a brisk sprint around the flat at around 6:17 am.  I like to challange myself by turning on every light in the place while I'm running past it.  Sometimes I can even get all of them in the first lap.  I then wake up my brother, because I really don't want him to sleep longer than me...that's just lame.

This time it was a 2009 Toyota with alloy rims.
Back to my day...
Afternoon: My mom usually picks me up from school where I usually make my grand exit with paint all over my clothes, snot on my sleeves, and shouting "goodbye!" to Slan* who must be this kid in my class, but I haven't figured out who yet.  All I know is that everyone else is saying goodbye to him as well.  Then on the way home I tell my mom all about my day playing with Gaelic.  She keeps saying Gaelic is a language, not a person, but she obviously hasn't ever met him.  Then I eat a nice lunch with Liam in our flat and lay down for a nap.  I am completely zonked after a tough day of playing hard.  Now that we have the training wheels on my bike, I get to ride around a bit as well.

Evening:  We usually eat dinner up at the Main House with all of the volunteers who LOVE ME.  In the evening Mom usually lets us watch a tv show or movie if we're good - especially if it's the weekend.  My favorite right now (as in yesterday and today) is Bolt, although I love a good Toy Story or Despicable Me as all time go-to movies.  My mom and dad also let me fast forward through the "kinda scawy" parts, which usually include anyone that looks even a little bit cross.  I also like to use this time to hijack my parents' laptop to send out emails to all my peeps and tweet a bit.  Today my mom came in and told me (like always) that I had to get off (she's such a buzz-kill), so I told her "That's okay, I done working."  We also have this cool phone that's actually attached to the wall and right at my level, so I can pick it up and call people whenever I want.  Lately I've also been able to go to sleep in the same room, and even fall asleep with my brother.  You see, ours is a love-hate relationship, although it is becoming a little more loving everyday.  I don't really know what I'd do without him.
 Come to think of it, I'd probably get lots of work done - he's always giving away my location and naughty deeds to the 'rents.

*"Slan" is actually the Gaelic word for "goodbye".