Sunday, October 23, 2011

If Liam was a blogger.

Hi.  I love everything about this place.
 Every morning I go to worship with mommy and daddy and then to the office with them to work.  It's hard work to roll around on the floor, play with toys, and constantly ask if I can play a game on the computer (even though I don't really know how to play any).  I usually hang out in there with them until it is time to go get Miles and then we split.  Picking him up is lots of fun because I've usually missed him quite a bit.

Things I love: I love to talk.  I will say anything.  People tell me everyday that I talk way more than I should for my age, but I say....if you got it, use it!  So I do.  I use it to tattle on my brother, to copy what my brother says, to tease my mommy and daddy, to play tricks on the volunteers, and even to scold Miles when he does something I don't like.  I also like to ask for things....mostly food.  Luckily the fridge is right at my height, so I can go get yogurts anytime I want....which is often. I also love "toasht".  Like, I LOVE it.  And apples.  I still love apples and eat one everday when I go with mommy or daddy to their office.

When we got here someone left us big stuffed bears on our beds.  Mine is as big as me and I love it so much that I carry it all over the flat. 
Oh, and I love baths now.  My mom and dad can't get me out of them.

My favorite thing to do right now is to follow my brother around.  That guy is so funny.  I want to be just like him.  He really cracks me up, and gives me all sorts of ideas of things I can do.  I don't know what I'd do without him.