Monday, October 17, 2011

Glenariff Forest Park

On Saturday we went on adventure along the cost to a neighboring village and a forest park with waterfalls.  We opted for the 3 km hike that took us down past, and over, the waterfalls.  There were a lot of steps down to the bottom, but the boys were troopers, the view was absolutely beautiful, and there was a cute little cafe down at the bottom.  Unfortunately the cafe didn't open for an hour, and what goes down, must come back up again.  And in this instance what had gone down were two happy little boys with two well-rested/pleased parents, and what came up was quite the opposite.  But if everything here was perfect no one would want to read my blog anymore. (Because who wants to read about things working out perfectly all the time anyway?)

The forest itself was gorgeous.  I had just watched Twilight two nights before (some of the volunteers and I bought VIP tickets to the release of Breaking Dawn in Belfast, so we are gearing up) so I felt like with the moss-covered trees and lush wildlife that this would be the perfect place for some good-looking vampires to make an appearance.  Unfortunately, that was the only thing missing from this adventure.
The nearby town of Cushendall


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Great pictures, but bummer that you didn't see the Cullens.