Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I want to remember RIGHT NOW....(PART II)

Miles edition (2 years, 8 months old)
You have got some mad moves little I'm afraid that someday your dancing skills are going to surpass ours....I'm maybe more afraid that they already have.
You can make your brother laugh at the drop of a hat.
You can make your brother cry at the drop of a hat.
People would describe you as "fast" when give one word.  You keep people on their toes.
You love books.  You could sit in bed an look at them for hours before you fall asleep.  And sometimes you do.
You can't hear music and NOT dance - even little jingles on the radio set you off.
You love to play in the snow.
Jumping on your bed may be your favorite thing in the whole wide world.
When someone new comes to visit you get excited and start jumping up and down like you have no control over your emotions.
Your favorite food are cookies.
When you say "goldfish" it sounds distinctly like "poopy".
You love baths.
You love to have me scratch your back when you're falling asleep in bed.  You never actually fall asleep, but for those 5-10 minutes you lie completely still and I love that.
When you sleep you manage to cuddle all 3-4 of your stuffed animals at the same time.  It's like you have so much cuddling to do and so little time to do it.
When I wake up in the mornings I can always count on you to follow behind shortly.  Inevitably you crawl up onto my lap and lay you head on my shoulder.  For those 10 minutes you are the most cuddly, loving 2 year old I know.  It is one of the best moments of my day.
One time I was watching a tv show that made me cry and you came up to offer me a hug.  A hug is your solution for almost anything.  It's a great solution if you ask me.
You are witty, you are charming, and you are my tornado.
So far, you are everything I dreamed you would be, and I adore you more than I considered possible.