Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things I want to remember RIGHT NOW....

Liam edition (at almost 14 months)
Whenever you see Cooper you start panting like a dog.  You heart that guy.
If we ask you where Mo (our cat) is you put your palms up and say "Mo" - as if to say "Where is that guy?"
You love giving kisses.  And not just regular kisses.  In fact, you never did the open-mouthed-touch-lips-to-cheek slobbery smooches that are typical of babes your age.  You went right to the full-on "MWAAAH" puckered up kisses with a big lip smacking finish.
You hit.  Not because you are being naughty, but because you think it is genuinely funny.  I like to think of them as love taps.  Although, I still hope they stop soon.
Your favorite book is "Llama llama Red Pajama" and you will pick it off the shelf only to walk around the house with a book as big as you are saying "Llama!  llama!  llama!" until someone will read it to you.
You still have little to no hair - what's up with that?
Everyone still calls you "Little Dustin" - although I think that you look a little like my baby picture in one of your official "one year pictures" two posts ago.  Can you guess which one?
You've started saying "Thank you" and signing it.
You're a picky eater compared to your brother, but I can still get you to eat about anything if I lace it with cheese or carbohydrates.
You've started dancing, although I have legitimate concerns that you are going to have your dad's dance moves.
You are happy in the morning, hyper in the evening, and cuddly at night.
I'm afraid to ween you off your pacifier because it is like a power adapter to super cuddly time with my baby.  The minute I plug it into your mouth your head is on my shoulders and your body contours to my chest.  It is on of my happiest moments in the day.
My favorite time of day to spend with you is at night when I'm rocking you to sleep.  You make me giggle with your wily ways.
You have cast a spell over my hopeless heart.
You are funny, you are clever, and you are my sunshine.
So far, you are everything I dreamed you would be, and I adore you more than I ever considered possible.


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Lots of good stuff to remember--I would be reluctant to take away that pacifier too!
Isaac didn't have hair until he was almost 2--He went as Charlie Brown for his first Halloween!