Monday, January 10, 2011

One Word

My son is bossy.  Like seriously bossy.  I have no idea where he gets it.  I can't even really relate to it.  Okay, that's a laugh.... I was the queen of all bossiness as a youngster.  As an only girl in a family and extended family full of testosterone I considered it my duty to let everyone know what they were doing wrong, how they needed to fix it, and what I expected them to be doing at that moment.  I never felt the repercussions until I was an adult, but that is another post for another time.  Right now I'm talking about my bossy son. 
You know, the 2.5 year old that can get just about any adult to do what he wants, especially when he uses clear language and the occasional rare "please" and "thank you."  Well it isn't his sweet charming ways or his shouting that get me to do what he wants.  I'd like to think I'm so much more strong-willed that this kid.  But do you know what does get me?  One word... "Mommy".  Not too long ago I wondered if he would ever be able to say this word.  I yearned to hear it.  I craved it.  Just one short month ago it didn't exist in his vocabulary.  Just a short month ago I was called by some obscure word he had made up for me just like he had for Bear ("Bah"), and Monkey ("Da!").  Now I'm Mommy.  And I love it.  I could listen to him say it all day. 

Next on the language agenda.....getting Mr. Miles to call his brother Liam instead of "Deehl."  Although I might miss that one.  I've warmed up to the name Deehl quite nicely, and the play on words is endless. (i.e. "He's a big deehl", "I'm kind of a big deehl", "What's the deehl?", "Deehl it deehler", "What a raw deehl", "What a great deehl", and my favorite  "Deehl with it!".)


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Love your new name! You're right, some people do make parenting look effortless, but I'm in your line w/the messy hair, screaming child and the parenting uncertainty.

My youngest (almost 3) is soooo bossy. It used to be cute when he 1st started speaking clearly and voicing his opinion, but now its crossed the line into unpleasant bossiness. Here I thought I had this particular issue all figured out b/c my oldest son never acts this way - ha!

Love the "deehl". my husband's extended family frequently refer to each other using the strange nicknames cousins/nieces/nephews made up when they were younger. its both creepy and cute.