Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's been awhile...

Its been awhile since I've written.  If I was honest I would admit it is because we had a few rough days in there and after reading my last post, it is hard to post anything negative.  However, we're back to having good days again, so everything is looking up.  Miles has been doing some really funny things lately.  Yesterday he discovered that he could stand up on his feet and hands and look back through his legs.  I wish I got a photo of it, because he was seriously doing it all day.  But of course, he stopped every time I got out the camera.  He has also started waving bye bye to people.....ALL people.  At the grocery store, at Hobby Lobby, at the television, at Cooper our dog, Dustin when he leaves for work.  Let's just say he certainly knows how to draw attention to himself.  

Yesterday he got to go to his second artist reception and he seemed to have a lot of fun.  Mostly because everyone was looking at him rather than the art. :)  

Well, I'll close this post with some pictures of Miles, and my question of the day......Why can't I get this little boy to eat Strawberries - the most delicious fruit around, but he will put dirt and gravel in his mouth and chew on it all day long?
This is the cute outfit that my mom bought for Miles while they were out visiting.  It was perfect for our warm days this past week!


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He is such a cutie... I love the shorts. Glad the rough days are past.