Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miles in the Morning

**Disclaimer: At the request of Tiffany, I have been strongly urged to inform you that this post was not written by her. This was written by Dustin.** Proceed at your own risk. 

While Miles often wakes up from his naps upset (at least when I'm around), the morning is a different story. He quietly talks to himself until one of us gets him from the crib. Of course he does not cuddle with us, he'd rather squirm and wiggle...but that's okay. I'm not a morning person at all, but it's definitely worth getting up early for him! Maybe once you watch these clips you will agree. Anybody want to babysit? Anyone? Just kidding. Okay maybe a just little bit. 

When Miles is grumpy, as he was tonight for some reason, it is good medicine to sit and watch this and remember that he is not always fussy. I apologize for the shoddy and jittery camera work. 


We had a pretty good Earth Day today. Miles and I walked to One World for a meeting with students for their upcoming art show. I enjoyed some coffee while he opted for some warm tap water and a couple of bites out of the menu (just a snack). Of course he fell asleep on the walk home – that baby carrier really works wonders although I did feel a bit of a wet spot on my back where his head was laying. We had our first home visit which went really well. Miles showed off with his usual bit – 'How Big' and 'peek-a-boo' followed by chasing after the pets and then ending with climbing the stairs. Then to top it all off, he gave a nice round of applause (clapping is his new thing).

We continued our Earth Day adventures by working as a family out in the yard. Tiff pulled weeds and worked in the flower bed, I mowed lawn and reseeded some of the lawn that Cooper messed up. Miles sat and ate wood chips (with a dash of dirt and maybe some concrete). Then it was nap time. Yea!