Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dear Boy - Happy Birthday.

Miles!  You're FOUR!  TODAY!
In the famous words from Quincy on Little Einsteins, "I CAN NOT BE-LIEVE IT!"

This is where it all changes buddy.
This is where people stop calling you a "toddler" and start calling you a "little boy".  This is where you stop fitting on my lap in a nice neat little ball.  Where you start preferring to hang out with the boy volunteers rather than your lame mama.  This is where I sit back and watch helplessly as you start to laugh at things like bodily functions and peeing outside wherever you want.  Do you realize you're only a fourth of the way to getting your drivers license? - An American law I hope desperately they change before you actually turn 16.
There is someone else I'm also thinking of today and I hope you remember them as well - someone that I'm sure is thinking of you, and missing you.  Someone who won't get the chance to teach you how to tie your shoes and won't get the pleasure of your goodbye kisses every morning before school.
Little boy, today I sent a letter to your birth mother so that she could someday read all about what you are like exactly at this moment.  You are the type of human species that would be selfish for me to keep it all to myself when there are other women out there that love you so much.
So what did I tell her?
  • I told her that you love your little brother and that you often refer to him a "buddy", but sort of in an ironic patronizing way that makes me giggle.
  • I told her that you give out hugs like they are candy - willingly and lovingly.
  • I told her that you are strong and fast - boy are you fast.  That you love to kick a ball and play baseball whenever you get a chance.  
  • I told her that you're smart.
  • I told her that you are growing up too fast and this mama can't hardly handle thinking about where the years have gone already.  I'm afraid to blink.
  • I told her that you love food and will try anything - as long as there isn't a slide waiting to be slid down or a ball waiting to be kicked.
  • I told her that I'm dying to know who you look like - her or your father - because you are so handsome that it takes my breath away.
  • I told her you love movies, and quoting them, and re-enacting them, even after just one viewing.
  • I told her that you couldn't possibly be more loved than you already are in this life.
My dear, sweet, rowdy, fast, ambitious little boy.  I love you.  I miss rocking you to sleep.  I miss watching you crawl around on the floor with monkey clenched between your teeth.  And I miss the way you used to walk over to our bed every night to cuddle up between us.
But I look forward to so much this year.  I look forward to teaching you how to ride your new bike without training wheels.  I look forward to  you opening your presents tonight at your party and seeing what is in store for you.  I look forward to the jokes you tell me everyday and the silly scenarios you come up with.  But right at this moment I look forward to you waking up so that I can be the first to wish you a "Happy Birthday."
Happy Birthday my sweet boy.  Oh how you are loved.
birthday cake for school. Step aside Martha Stewart.


Julie L. said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Happy, happy 4th birthday, Miles! Your cake looks beautiful!! Enjoy every minute of your special day!!


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