Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ten Truths for Tuesday

Ten things I know to be true:
  1. Mother's Day is less about mothers and more about husbands fumbling around trying to show how much they appreciate their wives (sometimes at the last minute) so that they don't get in trouble and have to do their own laundry for a month - all while channeling it through their kids that are completely clueless but undeniably cute.  The channeling is the secret, because if the gifts and acts are lame - the mom can't get mad because they were delivered by cute tiny people.
  2. I am still trying to figure out what to do with the scribbles art that Miles brings home everyday from school. As an art teacher and artist I'm torn, but I'm definitely not about to clutter up our lives with scrap papers that he doesn't care about himself.  I'm also not about to invest time and money into one of those cute filing/scrapbooking/displaying things everyone pins on Pintrest.  So far I've separated it into three categories:
    1. Drawings that were somewhat intentional and sort of represent something.  Usually these are drawings that I can tell took longer than 10 seconds.  
    2. Drawings that he obviously didn't even try on and was just trying to quickly get through so he could go find a car to play with.
    3. Drawings that his teacher obviously "helped" with.
  3. The peanut butter here might be better than the peanut butter at home.  I'm still testing this theory and will let you know when I'm certain.
  4. When I hear a child crying in the church preschool my first thought is..."Is it Miles?" overlapped by "Did Miles make that kid cry?" 
  5. I wish I could tell you that the answer wasn't usually "yes" to the above questions.
  6. Last week I felt especially pregnant.  I promised myself that if I was ever lucky enough to get pregnant again that I wouldn't complain.  So just pretend that you can see my face and it reflects a painful smile/grimace, but that I am trying very hard to look gracious while doing everything in my power to not lose control of my bladder.  But I'm NOT complaining.
  7. I'm officially addicted to Downton Abbey.  Not like Grey's Anatomy or Friday Night Lights addicted - but the idea of rich people sitting around making money while doing nothing in a giant drafty house while trying to find their husband without ever getting to touch a person or show affection is really interesting to me.  I like to think of it as a sociological study of the region in which I am residing.  Kind of like how I used Friday Night Lights as a sociological study of Texas and Grey's as a sociological study of Seattle and hospitals where everyone sleeps with everyone else and is really attractive.
  8. Seriously....SO. MUCH. PEE. TO. CLEAN. UP.  always.  I don't know how my mom did it with three boys and a husband.  It's like they're all armed and dangerous.....and careless.
  9. Popped balloons = broken three year old hearts.
  10. It's amazing to watch people walk into this place - Corrymeela - and become transformed by it.  Especially young impressionable people.  It might be the most amazing part of my job.
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AJ and I love Downton as well. :)